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About Security Careers

Security personnel are individuals who are hired to protect property or people, working for both private and public companies and individuals. Oftentimes they are required to patrol an area on foot, bicycle, or in a vehicle. Additionally, they may be tasked with watching an area through a surveillance system. This industry is rapidly expanding, with the expectancy to add more than 175,000 new security related positions within the next year.

What to Expect

Security officers are often required to wear a uniform that is provided by the company that they work for. Depending on the position that they are hired for, they may be required to be licensed and carry fire-arms, including guns, pepper spray, and tasers. This entails additional training mandated by the state or police certification. The hours worked are extremely flexible and depend primarily on when the security personnel are needed most. Be ready for an exciting and demanding career with a focus on safety and precision.