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About Pepsico Careers

Pepsico was founded in 1898 as Brad’s Drink, a carbonated soft drink created to aid in digestion and boost energy that was offered only in North America. Pepsico has quickly become one of the leaders in the soda industry, rivaled only by CocaCola and Dr.Pepper. Because of its large size and constant expansion into new locations and new markets, Pepsico is constantly on the hunt for new talent to join its team!

What to Expect When Interviewing

PCandidates typically first apply online or through a recruiter and are contacted by email within 2 weeks to set up a phone interview. Following the phone interview, you may be invited back for a second interview, this time at the regional company headquarters. This process lasts two days and includes a question panel with new hires at the company, three interviews with different managers, and a resume review. Expect generic interview questions that you have already heard at other interviews as well as some tailored to the specific department you are looking for work in. Following the two-day trip, you should expect a phone call with an offer within a week.