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About Front Desk Careers

Working at a front desk of a business requires precision and poise, as you are often the first person to meet the clients when they enter the business. A high level of communication skills is required as well as the ability to flawlessly multitask as you answer phones, send emails, and escort clients to meetings. Top companies in all industries are always recruiting new front desk personnel to help ease the workload of the rest of their staff.

What to Expect

The activities of a front desk employee vary day-to-day and depend greatly on the nature of the business. Typically they are responsible for coordinating the administrative tasks each day, such as answering phones and emails, filing, and keeping track of and coordinating work schedules. Employers look for candidates that are outgoing and friendly as well as experienced with customer service and administrative duties, such as using a computer and answering phones. Expect a fun and exciting work environment with the opportunity to learn many new skills and meet a lot of great people!