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About Frito-Lay Careers

The Frito Company and H.W. Lay & Company were founded in the early 1930s as separate snack-food companies. They merged in 1965 to become Frito-Lay, Inc., a company owned by PepsiCo. Frito-Lay offers its employees great compensation, including competitive salaries, great benefits, and an opportunity for advancement in the workplace. Employees are able to easily balance their home life with their work life and oftentimes have a fun work environment.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Employers typically look for individuals with a two-year or four-year college degree for corporate-level jobs and individuals with at least a high school diploma for factory and production jobs. Following a phone interview to gauge your interest in the company, you will be invited to the office to interview with a Department Manager and Human Resources Representative. Be prepared to answer basic customer service and conflict-management related questions for both interviews. Expect an offer immediately following the interview or within the next week.