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About Driver Careers

Working as a professional driver gives you a great abundance of opportunities in a variety of different job markets, including private for-hire service and commercial truck driving. This career category is always in high demand in top companies across the country, both driving specific and major brands. Drivers can expect to earn a yearly salary ranging from $40,000 to $60,000, depending on the company that employs them and their speed and accuracy.

What to Expect

A job as a professional driver is easier to obtain than you think! You need appropriate licensing and a clean driving background as well as excellent references. This job requires attention to detail and safety as well as timeliness. As a commercial truck driver you will be required to work long hours at a time, so the ability to stay focused for long periods of time is key. As a private for-hire driver, you will be expected to be courteous and friendly with a focus on customer service. Expect long and exhausting hours with a great opportunity to travel domestically!