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About Bartender Careers

Bartending is a great career opportunity for any man or woman who is looking for an exciting and social work atmosphere with a great salary. Bartending jobs can range from Bar Manager to Taproom Assistant to Mixologist. Typically bartenders work for restaurants or in pubs, inns, bars, and clubs. A bartender can earn a yearly salary ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 per year, not including tips.

What to Expect

Work as a bartender varies day to day based on the demands of the workplace and the customers. Typically you will be expected to take and create drink orders for customers at the bar and those at tables, if you are working in a restaurant. Additionally, you will be responsible for limiting drinks for overly intoxicated patrons and calling for cabs if necessary. Bartenders are also responsible for making sure that the bar is adequately stocked with all needed liquors and beers before it opens each day.