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About Amazon Careers, founded in 1994, is the largest internet-based retail company operating in the United States. It was originally established as an online bookstore before becoming the retail powerhouse that it is today. Amazon now offers services internationally as well as local offers such as grocery delivery and same-day drone delivery. With their continual expansion and rapid growth in many industries, Amazon is always looking for new talent to hire!

What to Expect When Interviewing

Most job candidates for Amazon apply either online or through a secondary source, such as a professional recruiter. The length of the application and interview process depends greatly upon the position for which you are applying; for high-level jobs, the process could take months, whereas for entry-level jobs it could take a few weeks. After completing your application, expect to hear from a human resources team member within a few weeks to set up a phone interview. Following your initial phone interview, you will be asked to come visit the company for a face-to-face interview with representatives from the department that you are applying to work for. Expect many specific questions about relevant job experience and what you can contribute to Amazon. Following the interview, expect a phone call with a job offer within two weeks.