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About Airport Careers

Since the first recorded commercial flight from St.Petersburg, Florida to Tampa, Florida, the commercial airline industry has taken off, expanding internationally to over 240 airlines. With the rise of this industry has come the rise of airport-related careers. Employment opportunities in this industry have expanded from pilots and stewardesses to include hundreds of other jobs, including air traffic controllers, baggage handlers, security, and retail salespeople. With the growing expansion of commercial flight, this is an ideal industry to jump in to regardless of your work experience.

What to Expect

When working as a pilot or a member of the cabin crew, or flight attendants, be prepared for a fast-paced challenging work environment that offers you the ability to travel around the world. As a flight attendant, you should have excellent customer service skills, an outgoing personality, and the ability to multitask. Working in an airport requires great customer service skills and a dedication to precision and safety.