About Adecco Careers

Adecco S.A. is a Swiss human resource consulting company that has more than 2,500 branches worldwide. It is the largest provider of human resources, matching more than 500,000 human resources associates with more than 100,000 clients each day. Adecco works to connect individuals seeking short-term work with employers who need a temporary employee to hire. Recruiters working for Adecco sort through resumes and applications for specific qualifications to fill positions for companies that they are working for.

What to Expect When Interviewing

After initially applying online, expect a call from a recruiter inviting you in to visit the company for a face-to-face interview. The first interview is typical of any other interview you may have been to; they ask basic questions about customer service and your work experiences. The second interview will be more focused on the particular job and company they are considering hiring you for. For some positions, expect a comprehensive mathematical and analytical skills test and a background check. If you complete the exams in the right way, expect a phone interview with the specific company that you are being considered to work for and an offer.