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About Whole Foods Careers

Founded through a partnership with another small & natural grocery store, Whole Foods has been offering healthy, natural and organic alternatives to traditional grocery products since 1980. As the first national “certified organic” grocer in the United States, Whole Foods has clearly defined a role for themselves in a niche market. Whole Foods saves a portion of its budget to employee development & evaluation. In addition, every team member is given life, dental, medical and vision insurance, adding to its ever growing reasons for finding employment there.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Whole Foods grows from within, so nearly every position must have Whole Foods experience. To get started, customer service experience, friendly & courteous demeanor as well as basic skills are evaluated. Many of the interview questions are centered on resolving conflict, either with a customer or with another employee. Additionally, a drug test and a background check may be required for employment.