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About Wegmans Careers

Privately-owned and operated since its foundation in 1916, Wegmans is headquartered in Rochester, NY as a regional grocer. With 81 stores throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Wegmans has consistently appeared on the “100 Best Companies to Work For” since the list began in 1998 and is considered award-winning for a variety of reasons. Still controlled by the founder’s family, the brand is finding success and growth even throughout the challenged economy. Known for their upscale and still affordable branding, Wegmans has had their own private label since 1979 and continues to add, not only new stores, but new products and product lines.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Like many other privately-owned companies, there is a basic application for employment. In-store jobs typically require an application and short interview process. For corporate-level jobs, multiple interviews and even occasional telephone interviews may be expected. Many of the interview questions are centered on resolving conflict, either with a customer or with another employee. Managerial positions often require a skills test and a group panel interview. Additionally, a drug test and a background check may be required for employment.