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About Victoria's Secret Careers

Founded in 1977, the world-famous Victoria’s Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie. Founder Roy Raymond said his inspiration for Victoria’s Secret was the discomfort he felt purchasing lingerie for his wife in department stores. He wanted to make “special occasion” lingerie more mainstream and to create a comfortable place to purchase it. Within its first year of business, Victoria’s Secret grossed $500,000. By 2006, Victoria’s Secret had over 1,000 across the United States and had branched from strict undergarments to undergarments, swimwear, clothing and cosmetics.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Most of Victoria Secret’s positions are in-store customer service and supervisory. Depending on the position being sought, your interview may not differ much from other generic interviews you've experienced before. For top-tiered positions, you can expect a multitude of interviews, from phone to Skype and eventually face-to-face; for smaller cook and cashier positions, you can expect face-to-face interviews and an offer.