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About Taco Bell Careers

Founded by Glen Bell in 1962, Taco Bell quickly became a heavily franchised restaurant chain, with nearly 80% of stores being privately owned. Over the years, they've experienced the same ups and downs as other fast food chains, now focusing on providing large meals at a low cost. They've become known to partner with other food companies, most recently being Frito Lay, providing tacos that have a shell made from chip company. Now owned by the world's largest restaurant company, Taco Bell is expected to be around for many, many years.

What to Expect When Interviewing

As most stores are privately owned, an application and quick interview are very typical for entry-level applicants. You can expect to be asked questions regarding providing change, dealing with customers & conflict management. Additionally, most employees can expect to work nights and weekends and handle their shift management accordingly. For corporate interviews, you can expect a multitude of interviews, from phone to Skype and eventually face-to-face; for smaller cook and cashier positions, you can expect face-to-face interviews and an offer.