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About Stocker Careers

A stocker is in charge of making sure that all items are placed in their appropriate places throughout a store. Stockers usually work during all times of the day. There are early morning stockers who mainly help with putting out stock after a delivery. Mid-day, afternoon, and evening stockers will help replenish any needed items to the shelves. Night time stockers usually work after store hours and get shelves restocked before the store opens the next morning.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Education requirements for a stocker position vary. Sometimes, at least a high school diploma is needed. Other times, it may not be required at all. However, there are skills that are absolutely necessary when it comes to this position. Because it involves a lot of specific work, skills in reading, writing, an understanding of stocking systems, an ability to lift heavy items, time management, superior organization skills, and an ability to follow detailed instructions are necessary.