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About Starbucks Careers

With a presence in 62 countries, nearly everyone on earth knows what Starbucks is. With a mixture of café culture and innovation, Starbucks is quickly re-taking over the coffee industry. Founded in 1971, the company has already bought out their largest competitors, attempted to put a store in nearly every country in the world and consistently keeps their retail sales in check. Because they have essentially created a brand that cannot be competed against, even coffee sold under other brands and bought by patrons who wish to avoid the corporate giant, is actually owned by Starbucks. At this point, no one can foresee a realistic end in sight.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Starbucks runs each of its locations on an individual level, allowing the managers to hire who they see fit. Typically, no experience is required for employment at a barista level however qualities such as friendliness, the ability to count back change and deal with conflict management are considered huge assets. Additionally, with an environment that allows for “moving up the ladder” provides baristas the opportunity to eventually make their coffee job a serious career. You can expect a standard application and short interview to precede an employment offer.