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About Pizza Hut Careers

Founded in 1958 by two brothers, Pizza Hut has proved to be one of the top dog in the food and food delivery industry. With alliances alongside PepsiCo, Pizza Hut has over grown to over 11,000 stores worldwide, With new pizza products and promotions appearing nearly every month, Pizza Hut is owned by the largest restaurant company in the world. With plenty of positions both in the corporate and retail outlets, Pizza Hut is a strong company to work for.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Widespread and world famous, positions at Pizza Hut, range from cashier to c-level executive positions. Depending on the position being sought, your interview may not differ much from other generic interviews you've experienced before. For top-tiered positions, you can expect a multitude of interviews, from phone to Skype and eventually face-to-face; for smaller cook and cashier positions, you can expect face-to-face interviews and an offer.