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About Macy's Careers

Founded in 1858, Macy’s has been a distinct figure in American culture, from producing the Thanksgiving Day Parade to selling apparel, jewelry, beauty supplies and more. Having many acquisitions over the years, Macy’s has grown to a slow, but secure spot as a top dog in retail. While the name has changed over the ages, consumers have always clung to the Macy’s image and branding. Although retail companies are always at risk during bad economic times, Macy’s has strongly positioned themselves as a primed company.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Dress to impress. Because of their image, Macy’s applicants can should dress cleanly and professionally. Having previous sales or customer service experience is a plus, as well as experience handling cash and using a standard register. Macy’s company culture allows for only elite applicants to be hired; You can expect two interviews before being offered a retail position.