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About KFC Careers

The second-largest restaurant chain in the world, KFC was founded 1930 by the infamous Colonel Harland Sanders. As the first Western restaurant to open in China, the international market has proved to be a hugely profitable success for the brand, who is now owned and operated by the fast food giant, YUM! Brands. Their secret seasoning recipe has often been a source of free marketing for the company, who has over 18,000 locations worldwide. As with many fast food brands, KFC has seen both successes and downfalls over the past ten years, but still holds its rank as the 2nd largest fast food chain in the world.

What to Expect When Interviewing

A short application can usually be found in-store or online. Experience with customer service is definitely a plus for those looking to work in store. Waiting or server experience is of course, a bonus. A short, straightforward interview can be expected as well. Because many of the stores are franchises, drug tests, interviews and training policies may differ slightly.