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About Jack In The Box Careers

While primarily serving the West Coast, Jack in the Box has over 2200 locations in the United States. Founded in San Diego in 1951, Jack in the Box was one of the first hamburger joints to employee the intercom system. This allowed for much faster service, more efficiency and very quick growth. Quickly, Jack in the Box became one of McDonald’s biggest rivals. Don’t worry either – the economy isn’t slowing the growth of this chain. They still have plans to continue opening new locations throughout the country.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Like many large chains, a short, general application can usually be found in store and online. There may be a telephone interview, with at least one face-to-face interview in which the applicant is asked ten or fewer questions. Many of the interview questions are centered on resolving conflict, either with a customer or with another employee. Managerial positions often require a skills test, while cashiers are expected to be able to count back change. Additionally, a drug test and a background check may be required for employment.