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About Hyatt Careers

Founded in 1957, the Hyatt Corporation is known for the chain of high-end, extended stay and business suite hotel brands. With membership programs in place and an expansive, worldwide presence, Hyatt remains one of the top hotel chains in the world. With their ventures into resorts and timeshares, their business encompasses far more than front-desk representatives and maid service, and has grown into an elite corporation with continual potential to grow.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Potential employees can expect a fairly straightforward interview when applying for a job at Hyatt. There may be a telephone interview, with at least one face-to-face interview in which the applicant is asked ten or fewer questions. Many of the interview questions are centered on resolving conflict, either with a customer or with another employee. Managerial positions often require a skills test and a group panel interview. Additionally, a drug test and a background check may be required for employment.