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About Dollar Tree Careers

Dollar Tree is a national chain of discount stores, which operates under their Dollar Tree, Dollar Bills and Deal$ brands. Each store stocks regional and national brands and has a huge number of departments within each store. Founded in 1986, the Dollar Tree Company went public in 1995 and now operates over 4500 locations via nine different distribution centers. By 2008, Dollar Tree has become a Fortune 500 company and hasn’t slowed down since.

What to Expect When Interviewing

Like many large chains, a short, general application can usually be found in store and online. There may be a telephone interview, with at least one face-to-face interview in which the applicant is asked ten or fewer questions. Many of the interview questions are centered on resolving conflict, either with a customer or with another employee. Managerial positions often require a skills test, while cashiers are expected to be able to count back change. Additionally, a drug test and a background check may be required for employment.