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About CNA Careers

CNA’s or, Certified Nursing Assistants, provide a number of useful skills in the daily routine of taking care of patients. They will ensure that patients get the help they need with cleaning, going to the bathroom, eating, and repositioning them on the bed. Other important tasks can include keeping the patient’s records updated regularly and filing those reports, changing patient dressings as needed, and responding to room calls.

What to Expect When Interviewing

A CNA position requires that you have one of either two things. A high school diploma, with an approved CNA training program is one option. The other option is a bachelor’s degree with an approved CNA training program, for higher paid positions. CNA’s have a lot of responsibilities so it is very important to have skills in organizing, good written communication, good verbal communication, multitasking, a positive personality, and a good awareness of safety protocols.