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About CDL Careers

CDL drivers mainly work in transporting goods to the necessary destination, but there are other job duties that are included with this. Drivers record their drop-offs in a logbook either by writing or electronically recording. They are also responsible for driving a wide array of truck, checking those same trucks, and helping workers move freight to and from the truck.

What to Expect When Interviewing

CDL drivers must at least have a high school diploma or the equivalent. A training program that teaches all the necessary rules, regulations, and skills, must be completed before obtaining the CDL license. Because there are so many places and businesses that CDL drivers may go, there are quite a few skills that are needed. Communication and time management are a large part of the job. To go along with that there are other skills needed such as responsibility, trustworthiness, organization, scheduling, good written communication, customer service and working well in stressful situations.