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About Best Buy Careers

Best Buy is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the United States. With over 1400 stores in North America, Best Buy is often recognized as the ?Blue Blue Box? in reference to the appearance of the stores? exteriors. When entering a Best Buy retail store, consumers can expect to find a warehouse filled with electronics, computers, cell phones, movies, DVDs and even appliances. Aside from physical products, Best Buy also offers services, such as installation, maintenance, tech support, and subscription services for cell phones and internet service.

What to Expect When Interviewing

The majority of potential employees that interview with Best Buy report a positive interview experience. In addition to applying in person, applicants can also fill out an online employment application, which is usually followed up with a phone interview. Second interviews are conducted face-to-face and usually include a question and answer session, in addition to a personality test. Expect to answer questions about how to resolve conflict and what you would do in the case of shoplifting, for example. Applicants who are offered positions may need to complete a drug test and background check.


Cashiers are the very face of Best Buy, and their performance has a huge impact on customer perceptions. That's why Best Buy chooses their cashiers carefully. Only the most personable, eager and detail-oriented among them will do. But this job is about so much more than transactions. Through your day-to-day interactions, you'll learn about Best Buys products and services, which might naturally lead to new opportunities in customer service or sales.

Sales Associate

At Best Buy, their people are their biggest differentiator. Sales Associates are the very face of Best Buy, and their performance has a huge impact on company performance and customer perceptions. Sales Associates must possess the curiosity, eagerness, and knowledge to solve the customer’s needs while at the same time develop and foster long-term, trusting relationships with their customers. This is your primary responsibility as a sales associate at Best Buy. You'll have to be a good listener with an ability to apply what you hear toward finding what is right for the customer. Customers will look to you to help them through the entire process.

Merchandising, Inventory, Shipping & Receiving

Trucks full of merchandise enter the docks and other trucks are loaded up and on their way out. The product needs to make it to the sales floor and into the hands of Best Buys customers. None of this happens without you. In reality, Best Buy Product Process is a precise and highly orchestrated science, and it takes scores of talented professionals to ensure the smooth movement and merchandising of countless products daily. Product Process teams create a customer experience that builds a lasting impression and ensures Best Buy continues to be a brand of choice. There's plenty of work — and loads of opportunity — in Best Buy Product Process operations

Car Installer

Your office is your install bay. Vehicles roll in, you trick them out with amazing audio and video, and customers shower you with praises for your great work. As a Geek Squad® Autotech, you'll enjoy a challenging and rewarding job, along with lots of opportunity for advancement. Have fun, help people, do stellar work. That's the way of the Geek Squad Autotech.

Retail Management

Were you born to lead? Inspire? Multitask? Do you thrive on challenge and change? If so, you just might be Best Buy management material. Store Managers do it all — everything from overseeing operations, to analyzing retail performance and identifying trends. And most important, they're experts at motivating people to do their best. This isn't a job for rookies. But if you're long on ambition, have cut your teeth in retail, and are now ready for the big time, we urge you to consider a career in management at Best Buy.