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About Albertsons Careers

Founded as a single store in 1939 in Boise, Idaho, Alberton’s has grown to become a huge American grocery chain. Throughout the company’s history, Albertson’s has both opened new stores and existing markets through acquisition. After a 661 store acquisition, Albertson’s reorganized much of their marketing through divesting stores and other weaker properties. Eventually, Albertson’s stopped their membership savings plan, opting to instead pass savings to all of their customers nationwide. As a major grocery chain throughout the country, Albertson’s was able to keep their head above water while many major grocers were forced to close due to be economic times.

What to Expect When Interviewing

With 75% of their employees protected by a union, you can expect a certain level of standards to be followed and respected. Additionally, there are certain things you can expect as an applicant to a unionized sector, most importantly the union fees and set wages. For entry-level positions, clean, smiling and customer-friendly people are perfect for Albertson’s standards.