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Making Fashion Design Your Career Choice

Do you love fashion, styling, and everything that goes along with it? Perhaps fashion design and the fashion industry should be your career of choice. There are so many opportunities to get your foot in the door with fashion, most do not end up being a designer right off the bat...that is a true rarity. So what jobs should you be considering to work your way up? We've done the homework for you:

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  1. Internships
    Yes, internships are not the most ideal situation, but they most definitely pay off in the long run. So while you are getting coffee for designers, assistants, and everyone in between, make connections, network yourself and show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get your foot in the door.
  2. Assistant
    Whether it is a personal assistant or a design assistant, this is another position where you showcase yourself, your abilities and your passion. Taking an assistant job for a designer or company could turn out to be your big break in the end.
  3. Marketing/PR Associate
    In a marketing or public relations role, you genuinely showcase the company itself and you make sure that it is being received in the most efficient way possible. To be in marketing and PR you need to know everything about the company or designer in order to do your job well, which translates to being top of the heap if there is ever an open design position.
  4. Editorial
    If you are working as an editor or an editorial assistant, you are the voice of the brand or the designer. You project what the designer wants to be heard. Working in close quarters, rubbing elbows with designers and putting their inspiration into words will greatly behoove you.


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