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The Finer Points to A Successful Job Search

The job market is not the easiest thing to jump into these days. We are in a generation where a Bachelor's Degree is not valued the way it used to be, and even those with Master's Degrees are having a hard time finding work. So how do you search for a job in a market that is saturated with thousands of other applicants who maybe have a better resume than you do? How do you stand out and narrow down your search?

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Make use of the resources that are available to you.



LinkedIn is an amazing tool for anyone to use, not only those who are looking for a job. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to set up an online resume, have people endorse your skills and work history, and network yourself. To stand out from the crowd, you need to be memorable, but in a good way. There is the opportunity to send direct messages to recruiters, and it makes mass applying easier than going through multiple companies online application process.


While twitter is still mainstream social media, it is a magnificent tool to help network and land a job, especially in occupations such as journalism. Here you can add links to any online portfolios, links to previous work, etc. In this day and age, social media is becoming the front runner in terms of tools to help find a job.

Resumes and Portfolios

When writing a resume or collecting a portfolio, it is all about putting the best foot forward. Only include information that is necessary and relevant. Do not include things like "good communicator" or "people person" in your skills section. Those are not skills, you are expected to be able to do those things, your skills should be what makes you stand out from the rest, not something that everyone applying is expected to be able to do.

Explore Your Connections

When people say, "it is all about who you know", they're right. Employees who are referred are typically more likely to get the job than those who simply sent their resume. Explore all of your connections and see if there is any way you can get your foot in the door. Don't have any connections? Once again, LinkedIn is a great tool for making them.


Be sure to assess all of your tools and resources in your job hunt. Simply mass applying on job boards is not likely to lead to much luck. Showcase yourself properly, use your tools and connections and you are bound to get an interview.


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