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Jobs You Can Get With a Math Degree

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We all joked when we were growing up about how we will never use math in "real life", right? Well, there are actually many career paths where mathematics are absolutely vital. Some people hate math, others love it, it is just one of those polarizing subjects. Regardless, here are some of the most popular jobs for math majors OR those jobs that include a great deal of math knowledge. 

  1. Mathematician- obviously to be a mathematician, you need to know a great deal about math. Scratch that--- you need to be an expert. This includes teaching math.
  2. Actuary-basically, an actuary is a risk assessor. An actuary uses analytics and formulas to predict what might happen and the risks associated with certain business decisions. 
  3. Economist- there is a great deal of formulas, research, and analysis associated with being an economist. You study trends of economic issues and collect data to combined with analytics to predict future trends. 
  4. Computer Systems Analyst-also referred to as system architects, these analysts study and computer systems, and design solutions for troubleshooting and assist in making things run more smoothly. Many jobs in IT require a firm foundation in mathematics. 
  5. Accountant-accountants handle the processing, measuring, communication and information concerning all financials for a given business or corporation. Dealing with money, there is little room for error, and a strong math background is a must. 
  6. Data Analyst- anything concerning data and analysis will require mathematics. Data analysts use analysis and data to help support decision making and come to conclusions on a given matter. 
  7. Meteorologist- now you might think "weather man", but there is much more to it. Meteorologists use data and scientific theory to make predictions of weather and patterns. 
  8. Systems Engineer- any engineer will require math, but a systems engineer is much more complex. This kind of engineer caters to the design and management of complex systems. 
  9. Statistician- it is right there in the name. Basically a mathematician but using theoretical or applied stats. 
  10. Bookkeeper- one who puts a system in place to keep track of and manage all financial transactions, and keeps accounts and charts of them. 
  11. Operations Research Analyst-this job uses extremely advanced mathematics to help businesses or organizations investigate issues and their complexity.
  12. Biomathematics- take biology and math, mix them together. This is what you get. This is the application of math in the field of biology and how it assists in medicine.
  13. Cryptography- cryptography is the art of solving codes using mathematics.


All of these fields of study include advanced mathematics, so if you think that you will never use math in your life, but you have an interest in any of these fields, think again. Math is a great skill to know and have a good foundation in for life, regardless of what your career path is. You will find yourself surprised by how much you will use even basic math in adulthood and how you will need to rely on your education to get you through certain situations. For those of you who love math and perhaps have a degree in mathematics, good for you! All of these jobs have a spot for you and the market is hot. Go get em and good luck!

Need Help Finding a Job?

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