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Ah millennials. the generation that most make fun of or are completely fed up with. Although if you are making fun of them, odds are you might be considered a millennial yourself. If you were born between 1982-2004, congratulations, you are a millennial. So despite all of the cliche's everyone throws your way; you are getting the opportunity to monetize in the digital age and be above the curve in doing so. Millennials are a go-to for technology and digital media, all things tech. So that being said, what are some hot jobs for millennials in 2017?

Social Media Manager---$96,,267/ anuually

Content Marketer---$65.852/ annually

Web Developer---$64,970/ annually

Software Developer---$98,260/ annually

Operations Research Analyst---$84,180/ annually

SEO Strategist---$57,318/ annually


All of these jobs include things that millennials thrive at. Social media, communication and technology. If that is not your cup of tea, here are some more "traditional" career paths that millennials are taking in recent years.


Public Relations Specialist---$49,535

Mechanical Engineer---$83,590

Dental Hygienist---$72,330

Radiation Therapist---$80,220


These are all great jobs that have a high demand right now, so get out there and reap the benefits! Forget what everyone says about millennials and prove them wrong. You are a huge asset to society and the working world. Use your skills to your benefit and the payout will be great. 



Need Help Finding a Job?

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