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Do’s and Don’ts of College Internships

You've probably heard mixed reviews about internships. You might have heard success stories about them as well as horror stories of interns being worked to the bone. Both can be true, but it is important to note just how important and beneficial internships are to you and your future career endeavors. So here are some do's and Don'ts for College Internships: 

Do: Try to get multiple internships over the span of your college career. 

Don't: Just take any internship; make sure that they will beneficial to your career aspirations. 

Do: Network while you are in these internships; make as many connections as possible. 

Don't: Act like it is anything less than a job. 

Do: Be extremely professional at all times. 

Don't: Expect to be paid.

Do: If you are paid; make sure it is the same pay as other interns. Wage discrimination does exist. 

Don't: Be above meaningless tasks like getting coffee for your superiors. Show your work ethic. 

Do: Get a mentor and learn form them as much as you can. 

Don't: Think that because you have a high GPA you have instantly earned the respect of your peers. Work hard and let your work speak, not your GPA. 

Do: Be a team player, avoid getting in office drama as much as possible. 

Don't: Complain. 

Do: Ask for help when you need it. (Not if the answer can be googled)

Don't: Be on your phone unless the job you are doing requires it. 

Do: Be organized and presentable. 


This is your time to take advantage of resources and put yourself in the best possible position to succeed after graduation. Make the most of it!

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