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Best Jobs for Aspiring Actors

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There is a  lingering stereotype that aspiring actors are constantly struggling. Whether that is true or not, is besides the point. What is important to remember is that aspiring actors can make a good living, while still pursuing their dreams and making time to go on auditions to hopefully land that breakout role that will change the course of their career. So what are some jobs to stay afloat, but also do not force you to put your acting career on the back burner?


Temp Jobs

This is a good way to stick your toe into different career paths while pursuing acting. Temping is a great way to take jobs that will keep you interested. These jobs deviate form doing the same mundane routine over and over like many jobs do. 

Physical Trainer

Actors for the most part are in good physical shape and many aspiring actors really like to stay on top of their fitness to use that to their advantage. So why not become a trainer? This way you can stay on top of your own goals both health wise and career wise. Trainers have exciting jobs that require them to be on their feet and moving constantly. This may appeal to you if you would like to stay away from a desk job. 

Dog Walker

While we do not recommend dog walking full time, it is a great way to earn a little bit extra income on the side or when needed. Especially in places like cities, many pet owners do not have the time to walk their dogs, so they seek out help from individuals. This is where you can step in and make around $20 hourly. 


More popular among women, nannying is one of the highest paid jobs for basically having fun. Depending on the ages of the kids you watch, this is a very fun and rewarding job (if you like kids). Depending on who you work for and the area you are in you can get up to $30 per hour as a nanny and you can charge per kid/hour. 

Real Estate Agent

While this does require a bit of education, becoming a real estate agent could be the most profitable avenue you take while trying to get your acting career up and going. Real estate agents can make their hours for the most part and can do much of their work from home, making this possible to go on multiple auditions when needed. 

Personal Assistant

This job is a bit more time consuming, because you are on someone else's schedule, but if you work from home, this could be a very profitable job to accommodate your own acting schedule. Furthermore, this kind of job could help you break into the industry if you work for someone in the industry.  


Similar to nannying, this is a job that you can set your own rates and with tutoring, you can most likely set your own hours. The more advanced subject matter that you tutor, the higher the payout. 


This is a very common job amongst aspiring actors. Modeling is a job where you only have to work a few days a month to cover all of your expenses and then some if you are with the right agency and treat it like a business. Might as well prepare yourself for that red carpet now!


Another popular job among aspiring actors, bartending and serving is the perfect job to accommodate that busy schedule full of auditions. Bartenders typically work at night, so you have all day to focus on yourself and your acting career. Tips are an added plus as many servers and bartenders get much of their income from tips. 

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