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All video gamers rejoice! Believe it or not you can turn your passion for gaming into a profitable career. While professional video gaming is an actual thing and there are many who have made a great deal of money doing just that, that is not the norm. That being said, game development and everything that goes into it is a much easier part of the industry to break into and the payout is quite generous. Here are some careers in gaming that might appeal to you:

  • Professional Gamer---Average Salary 42-118K/year


  • Game Developer---Average Salary 55-110K/year


  • Animator---Average Salary 44-77K/year


  • Illustrator--- Average Salary 44-77K/year


  • Game Artist---Average Salary 55-110K/year


  • Multimedia Artist---Average Salary 44-77K/year


  • Compositor---Average Salary 35-100K


  • Game Director---Average Salary 42-118K/ year

Now, other than professional gamer, all of these jobs require a bachelors degree in either graphic design or computer science. These career paths include highly advanced technology and depending on who you work for, the payout can be incredibly high, so knowledge and education in all things tech is required. 

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