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Jobs You Can Get, Even With a Felony

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When you have a felony on your record, it can feel like a death sentence for any career aspirations. While convicted felons typically have lower odds at getting a job offer, it is not impossible. A felony definitely does not look good on a record, especially multiple, so you might be forced to compromise on certain career paths, but here are some good options for you to look into. 

Truck Driver

The average truck driver makes about 800/week and they typically do not run background checks for this position. Of course this job requires long hours and spending a decent amount of time away from home, but this could be a well-paying job for any convicted felon trying to find work. 


Landscaping is another great avenue to explore, especially if you prefer a job that requires physical labor and being outdoors. Landscapers can make a pretty penny depending on the company and the area you are working in, and it gives you an opportunity to be a bit creative without having to worry about that felony on your record. 


This may be one of the most popular avenues to go when it comes to finding work with a felony. Construction workers, electricians, and plumbers typically have a very high hourly wage, and do not always require background checks. 

Freelance Writer, Photographer, Editor, Web Developer, Designer, etc. 

Freelance can either go extremely well or extremely bad, it all depends on how business savvy you can be. This is not exclusive to felons, this is everyone, but this is an avenue where one can really thrive in making a business out of a passion. So many young people today are starting their own freelance businesses and making a comfortable living out of it. 

Restaurant Jobs

Restaurant jobs, whether they be front of the house or back of the house will usually hire someone with a felony on record as long as they do not consider it dangerous. Fast food restaurants usually do not do background checks at all. 

Online Jobs

Any job that you can do from home whether it be sales, web development, data entry, all of these professions can be a good job for someone with a felony. Furthermore, these jobs provide the freedom to work from home and spend more time with family. 

Keep in mind that this is a generalized list of professions that "typically" hire people who have felonies on their record, but it is very dependent on the company and their policies. 


Need Help Finding a Job?

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