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10 Great Jobs You Can Get With No College Degree

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Despite what many people may tell you, it is possible to get a good paying job without a college degree. Yes it is more difficult, seeing as even college graduates are finding themselves stuck in dead end jobs that they are over-qualified for, but if you know which industries will behoove you and you work hard, it is definitely feasible. Some very well paying jobs are not what you might expect, so in your job hunt, maybe consider the following: 

  1. Air Traffic Controller--- +120K average annual. This job is very high stress and very important work. All of the training is taught on the job and no more than a GED is required, typically, to apply. 
  2. Web Developer---+85K average annual. The amount that web developers make can vary by experience and who you work for, but if you are computer savvy and can pursue a career in web development, this would be a very profitable career path. 
  3. Elevator Installer/Repairer---+80K average annual. Probably not what you thought would pay over 80K annually, but this is a great job to have and not a saturated market. We caution you that this job is very dangerous though. 
  4. Commercial Pilot---+75K average annual. While there is no college degree required for this job, there is a good amount of training involved. If you would like to travel the world, this is the perfect opportunity to do so while making a good amount of money. 
  5. Dental Hygienist---+70K average annual. Another job that requires some schooling but no degree. And while many of these jobs include a high risk factor, this one is a safe bet if you want to make degree money without a degree. 
  6. Power line Installer---+60K average annual. Again, another dangerous job, which is why they pay so much. If you are gifted with working with your hands this could be a great fit for you. 
  7. Correctional Officer---+55K average annual. Correctional officers might not make as much as city policemen do, but the training is less rigorous and the payout is generous.
  8. Postmaster---+55K average annual. You wouldn't think that a mailman would have that high of an average salary, would you? This requires no experience and you learn on the job. The only requirement typically is a clean driving record. 
  9. Office Support---+50K average annual. Whether it is office support, tech support or customer support, these roles pay well for no required experience. Most will just need to screen you to be a patient person to determine that you will be of help.
  10. Surgical Technician---+45K average annual. A popular job amongst medical students or those who wish to further their medical career, surgical technicians do not require any experience and only need a high school education to be eligible. 

Just because the job market is more difficult now even with a formal education, does not mean you are a lost cause if you do not have one. Know your skills, resources, and opportunities in order to increase your chances of landing that high paying job!


Need Help Finding a Job?

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