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Most In-Demand Jobs for 2017

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It is no secret that the job market is not exactly the most friendly in 2017. It is becoming harder and harder for recent college graduates to get jobs, so what professions are hiring the most and which jobs are the most in demand? Here is our list for the hottest jobs in 2017 (in no particular order): 

  • Truck Driver--- Perhaps not the most glamorous job, but truck drivers make more than you would assume. There is always a shortage of truck drivers, and even if you have no desire for this career path, it is a good fall back or placeholder job that pays well. 


  • Operations Manager---A little on the vague side, but operations managers for various companies typically make well over 50K annually. 


  • Data Analyst---Technology and data are continually booming and there is always a demand for tech and data analysts. In a society that is going completely digitial, this might be something to consider.


  • Registered Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse---People are always getting sick or hurt and there has been and will always be a need for nurses. Schooling is not nearly as rigorous as med school and these positions pay extremely well with flexible shifts. 


  • Information Security Analyst---Again, we live in a digital age and that means that technological security is a must. 


  • Software Engineer---Software engineers are setting the footprints for how our society is molding into the digital age and how we function on a day to day level now. 


  • Financial Advisor---People will always be in debt, there will always be some kind of financial ruin; whether that is a family or a business. Financial advising is a great job not only for compensation, but you will know how to manage that money well. 


  • Physical Therapist---Considering how often injuries happen, at any level of sport or at any age, physical therapy is a continually growing profession and we are seeing more and more students pursuing PT as well as PT aides. 


  • Home Health Aide---More and more people are opting to hire home health care instead of retiring into a community home or spending days on end in a hospital. For those who are trained in home care, this is a very profitable match for you and there is always a market for it. 


Need Help Finding a Job?

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