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Most Popular Jobs for Recent College Grads

You’ve done it. You’ve graduated college, congratulations! Now what? Post-grad life can be extremely overwhelming at first when trying to find a job. Especially in today’s generation and job market. Unless you majored in something specific like nursing where jobs are always available, it might not be a walk in the park working your way up the ladder. So what are the best jobs for recent graduates to take as an entry-level position to start that corporate resume and climb the ladder? Here are some of 2017’s most popular jobs for recent grads:

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Recruiting is becoming more and more popular amongst recent grads. If you are looking to do recruiting as a career we recommend applying at an agency of some kind rather than a company that needs a recruiter. There will be more room to grow and make it a career. If you are looking to get your foot in the door to a certain company or industry, this is a great starting job that pays well to start working your way up.

Administrative Assistant

This is another great entry-level job to get your foot in the door. While administrative work might not be your cup of tea, or what you pictured yourself doing, it could be a stepping stone to get you to where you want to be. In today’s job market, unless you have connections already, it is hard to get a job doing exactly what you want to do right out of the gate. Take opportunities such as this to network and build those connections which will behoove you in your career path.

Social Media Manager

In this day and age, social media is now paving the way for a new way of marketing, delivering news, and everything in between. Social media managing is definitely one of the hot jobs amongst recent college grads, especially those with communications degrees or those who are seeking a career in journalism or media. Not only do social media managers get paid a decent amount of money for an entry-level job, but this job is one of the more energetic and fun positions in terms of entry-level work.

Web Developer

For those of you who are tech savvy and have experience in software and web development, this is probably one of the highest paid entry-level jobs for recent graduates. While this is very specific to a certain type of education, many people possess the skills required to be a web developer.

No matter what major or minor you had in college, nothing can prepare you for post-grad life, but we are here to help try and make that transition a little bit easier.

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