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Find a Job Using Social Media

We live in a generation completely overtaken by social media. News typically breaks on Twitter before it is broadcasted, newspapers are "old news" in this 24 hour news cycle, and 90% of job recruiters use social media to find their candidates.

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This is amazing, but can also be frightening. Most workplaces will check all social media in your name before calling you to set up an interview. This means that what could be standing between you and your dream job is your reckless posting. Your friends might think your Instagram or Twitter looks nice, but are you coming off as a professional adult or as a crazy college kid?  So think twice about what you post.

That being said, social media is changing the way we apply and search for jobs today. Especially in the journalism industry, Twitter is absolutely vital for sending up to date information or posting your portfolio.

Instagram has been absolutely vital for models, actors and photographers to find work, amongst other professions.

So we know it is all necessary today, but how do you find a job using it?

Explore your social media platforms.

Look into what job you are looking to find and cater your social media towards that alone. If you want to be a sports journalist, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are all great tools for networking, posting news, scores, etc., and Facebook helps share content, maybe even virally.

If you are looking into being a designer of any kind (fashion, home, etc.) Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook are all great ways to showcase your work and gain following and credibility in your product.

Keep in mind who is looking at your social media and why, start treating social media like a business, and then see what doors open to you.


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