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Unpaid Internships. Are They Worth it?

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What would you sacrifice for a better resume? Would you take a job you didn’t like? Work harder a job you hated? What about sacrifice three months pay? When it comes to internships, it can feel like a huge sacrifice, especially if they are unpaid. So why take them at all?

Internships Mean Work

Being an intern means getting first-hand experience in a field of study. It can be the extra zip you need to create your career at a younger age. Once you’re in the real world, you’ll understand why experience is such a big deal to employers. Knowing that you have been trusted with certain responsibilities, and have ability to get them done is impressive to a hiring manager. At an internship, you’re expected to be given real work, in a real environment for a real company (with real finances and often real investors).



Working at an intern level may keep your meals limited to fast food and a lot of tupperware lunches, but the experience you get rubbing elbows with people within the industry is almost always important and lucrative in the long run. Think of the experience you would get by sitting in a meeting with Bill Gates instead of just reading about him in a textbook. If the only cost to this opportunity is your paycheck, the price may not be too steep.


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