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Turn Your Seasonal Job Into A Permanent Position

The holiday season can be very hit-and-miss, when it comes to finding employment. For many, the only open and available positions are seasonal, within the retail environment. Before the groaning starts, consider this: making your seasonal job permanent, in four easy steps.

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  1. Find a position that you believe you can enjoy. It will not be too exciting, perhaps a cashier or bagger, even gift wrapping. Do this as early as possible, and start putting out feelers and from the get go, mention the idea of a permanent position.
  2. Let the retailer know during the interview, that you’re looking for a permanent position. Showing that you’re eager to work, have a good work ethic and can also deal with holiday hours, that most employees are unwilling to deal with. Think about it: turnover in retail is high enough already, if an employer knows that you’re willing to stay long term, through the holiday craze, and stay on after, when things start to slow down? Jackpot.
  3. Prove yourself. Once you get hired on, make a conscious effort to be as hardworking as possible. Think of your seasonal position as a working interview, each shift giving you an opportunity to impress and prove your work ethic.
  4. Get hired on. After the holiday bustle is over, you should have locked in your permanent position. Keep in mind, that employers have labor goals that can prevent them, but persist. You may be given a position if you keep in touch with the manager.


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