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Tough Interviews and Why They Matter

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Microsoft was famous for asking why manhole covers are round and Google has been routinely hounded for their logic questions during the interview process. So what gives? Why are more and more companies going out of the box with the screening process?


First things first: manhole covers are round, so that they can never fall in. Questions like this help interviewers to assess critical and creative thinking in an environment that is a bit unexpected. Let’s be honest - we have all practiced and gone through enough interviews to have the “right” answers down to a science. That’s exactly why recruiters are beginning to catch on, and instead ask questions that helps them get a greater understanding about your personality, in ways that you may not even realize.


Things like, “did you buy a coffee this morning”, “what is your worst quality” allows the questioner to know things like your purchasing habits, if you’re honest or if you prefer to sugar coat things. Remember, interviewers see dozens, if not hundreds of people for a single position; finding out who each of them truly are, and whether or not they would be a good fit for the company, takes a creative fifteen minutes.


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