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This is How to Land A Spectacular Career in Graphic Design

Well, it goes without saying that if you are looking for a job in graphic design, you should know graphic design. Whether you have a degree in graphic design or you were an apprentice, you need to know what you are doing and what you are getting into. Graphic design is not one of those "learn as you go" type of jobs. Employers expect you to know which software to use and be proficient.

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That being said, the first step in landing a career in graphic design is creating a portfolio to showcase your work. Don't have any work? Do some mock pieces to add to your portfolio or ask a family member or friend if you could do some free design for their company, charity, etc.

Along with your portfolio, you should have a top notch resume and a killer cover letter. Even if you do not have much work experience, these are still areas that you can shine and show your talents.

Now that you have everything you need to apply ready, the next part is applying. You need to decide where you are wanting to work. Maybe you have no idea, thats fine. Many schools have placement programs and headhunters are a great resource to utilize.

Next comes the interview process. Be sure to take all necessary precautions and preparations to nail your interview with whatever company you are interviewing for. You should ideally interview at a few places before deciding, but sometimes one is all it takes.

After you interview, send a thank you and play the waiting game. If you get it, great! If you don't, don't be discouraged. If you continually get shot down or you aren't getting any calls for an interview, consider taking an internship to gain a little more experience which will greatly behoove you later on. It is not the most ideal situation, but they most definitely pay off in the end.



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