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One of the most common complaints among recent grads is that they cannot really use their degree unless it is something extremely specialized, like being a doctor. Especially for humanities degrees such as history. There is a common misconception that the only thing that you can do with a history degree is become a teacher. While that is a common path to take, it is not the only one available to you. Here are some jobs that are perfect for those of you with a history degree: 

Museum Jobs

Museums are always in need of history degrees. From an exhibition officer, to educator to curator, there are a plethora of jobs available to you to actually use what you learned in school and apply it to the workplace. 


Being a history teacher is not the only route you can go in terms of a job in education, although it is the most popular. Teaching history at the high school level is the most common avenue to take, but there are many more jobs that you might not have thought of. Librarians often have history degrees and are sought after due to their knowledge of research and historical books.  


This is putting that history education to use in a hands on fashion. If you are fascinated by archaeological history, this could be perfect for you. In this profession you will study human history and activity through excavation of artifacts, remains, etc.


Research is another great avenue to take. From being an assistant to a manager, this is your bread and butter. Everything you did in school will behoove you in this profession, it is basically an extension of school. 

Tour Guide

As a history major, you have the ability to store and recall great amounts of information. If you are interested in traveling, perhaps being a tour guide will be perfect for you. 


This job requires you to be extremely organized. In a nutshell, you are storing and accessing historical documents, manuscripts, etc. 


Whether you opt to be an author, a journalist, or an editor, history degrees can put those skills to use in writing. In school you had to write massive amounts of research papers and know proper form. You are able to communicate clearly and concisely, which is always valued in any profession. 

Honorable mentions: politician, management analyst, paralegal. 


There are skills that you have gained in your years in school that will behoove you in any profession. Many people say that a history degree is "useless" unless you go into teaching, which could not be further from the truth. Employers recognize the skills and patience it takes in that major and value what you can bring to the table. If you want to use specifically what you learned in college, then try applying for one of these jobs. Best of luck in your job hunting!

Need Help Finding a Job?

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Put That History Degree to Use

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