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Best Jobs for Veterans in 2017

If you are a United States Veteran, first and foremost we want to thank you for your service. The transition from the military to everyday life can be extremely difficult and finding a job can seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? Well, there are extremely helpful skills and tools you have gained in your time of service which will behoove you in the working world? So which jobs are best suited for veterans?

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First you have to decide if you want a desk job, or a job that requires you to be out and about and up on your feet. Let’s say you want a desk job, here are a few that may interest you:


Many veterans choose to take the teaching route once they complete their service. This is another way to continue to serve your country; by educating the future leaders of the nation. This is a popular route to take, especially teaching history. Furthermore, teaching as a career has so many benefits as well as the reward of touching lives and guiding today’s youth.

Software Developer

The military today is highly advanced in terms of technology and many veterans are well versed and up to date with developing software. This job not only pays extremely well, but it applies the computer programming skills as well as problem solving skills that you have acquired during your service.

Air Traffic Controller

The Federal Aviation Administration of FAA, hires veterans to multiple jobs very frequently and actually prefers those with military experience with their own Veteran’s Program for employment. No matter what branch of the military you served in, you can be an air traffic controller and can apply technical skills you possess in that profession.

Business Operations Manager

Not only is this a high paying job, but it is applicable to virtually every kind of company. Business operations managers are those people that everyone looks to to lead and get what needs to be done, done. This position requires leadership, problem solving and critical thinking as well as organizational skills, making it a perfect fit for a veteran like yourself. Now let’s say that you can’t stand the thought of sitting behind a desk all day, you want to work with your hands or be up and about. Here are some other jobs you might be interested in:

Police Officer

You have done your duty to protect your country from foreign enemies, but what about domestic? Perhaps being a police officer is your calling. This is another popular choice for some veterans to choose as their career path, another noble pursuit.


If you were active in the air force, being a commercial pilot could be perfect for you. The pay is very good, flexible schedule, and you can apply what you learned in the air force, directly to your new profession.

Occupational Therapy

Whether a therapist yourself or an assistant to the therapist, occupational therapy is a very popular choice amongst veterans. Helping others recover whether physical or mentally, is extremely rewarding.Perhaps aiding other veterans such as yourself, you will be helping people get back to normal life and help them perform things that are necessary to function independently.

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