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The Best Interpersonal Skills to Possess

Interpersonal skills are so important for life in general, not just the workplace, but those who possess good interpersonal skills are typically better workers and well liked in the workplace. So what are interpersonal skills?

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Interpersonal skills are basically skills that you use to interact with other people in a wide variety of situations and how you interact properly and professionally. Now, interpersonal skills is an umbrella statement for all kinds of skill sets (communication, decision making, logic, etc.)

How you communicate with others is a huge part of it, not only verbal but non verbal communication as well. Body language plays a big part of communication. Have you ever not wanted to talk to someone because they looked very closed off and harsh? Of course, we all have. Be mindful of body language when you are upset, and try not to wear your heart on your sleeve in the workplace to remain as professional as humanly possible.

Another huge skill that many tend to overlook is listening. Chances are, people will be much more willing to work with you or respect your opinion if you respect theirs. Be sure not to get caught simply waiting for the other to stop talking just so you can get a point in. Really digest what the other has to say and show your genuine interest.

Team-work is a huge interpersonal skill. Most interviewers will ask you if you are a "team player". That is because it is absolutely necessary for workplace harmony and effectiveness. To take it a step further, being a team player means resolving conflict in a positive and respectful manner. There are always going to be sandpaper people who rub you the wrong way, being able to resolve conflict quickly and respectfully will make you stand out from the crowd.

Problem solving and critical thinking will be imperative. Have you ever wondered why in grade school you had to answer critical thinking questions that seemed pointless? Well, they don't seem so pointless now. Critical thinking and problem solving are skills that must be practiced regularly and on the fly. Conflicts and problems will always rise up, it is going to be your job to resolve them quickly, think outside of the box and diffuse the situation as calmly and quickly as possible.

These skills are easy to practice. Practice at home, practice with friends. Keep a journal if you have to to keep yourself aware of how you communicate, listen and problem solve. All of these skills will be necessary on a daily basis in the working world.


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